The National Anti-dengue Campaign wants people to take following precautions as there is a danger of dengue spreading due to monsoonal rains:

Over-exhaustion while having fever will aggravate dengue.

If fever continues for two days, please seek medical advice. Only paracetamol may be taken for fever.

If you are afflicted with dengue fever, taking other painkillers will cause bleeding and aggravate the condition.

If the following symptoms are visible with high fever you might have contracted dengue: 1.

1.Headache and pain below eyes, 2. Mascular and joint pain, 3.Vomiting, 4. Bleeding conditions, 5. Red patches on the skin.

Worst features:

Likelihood of death for dengue patients who reach the state of shock.

Some patients even before reaching the state of shock will show the following symptoms within 3-7 days of getting fever. Such patients need to be hospitalized immediately.

1. Incessant vomiting,

2.Heavy drowziness/uneasiness/lifelessness,

3. Acute abdominal pain,

4. Bleeding (from gums and nose, vomiting (brownish in colour) and discharge of faces,

5. Non-discharge of urine for over six hours, and lessening of the quantity of urine discharged and the number of times,

6. Where dengue fever is suspected, seek medical advice and minimise implications,

7. When there is high fever, sponge the body with warm water,

8. Provide a light but nutritious meal,

9. Avoid exhaustion,

10. Take liquids eg. thambili, fruit juice, porridge, milk and jeevani