Use of polythene still continues

As debate continues over a Government plan to ban certain polythene items from September 1, the overuse of polythene continues to cause immense harm to the environment.


Given that it is easy to use, strong and water resistant, polythene is a favored consumer item. From large coverings used to carry dozens of items, to the humble ‘sili sili bag,’ polythene has become part and parcel of our daily lives.

However, many people continue to discard polythene items haphazardly after use, resulting in such items, which aren’t biodegradable, from accumulating.

They end up clogging drains, resulting in flooded streets and also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. With cases of dengue at an all time high, there is no dispute that discarded polythene plays a part in spreading the epidemic. Due to the ongoing garbage crisis, people are also putting all their rubbish in a single polythene bag and are leaving them on roadsides.
A permanent solution still seems a long way off.

Source – 06/08/2017, The Sunday times, See more at –