About Us



Who We Are

Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL) is an entirely private sector owned and driven platform established to promote strong engagement of the corporate sector in Biodiversity and environmental conservation issues in Sri Lanka.

BSL actively promotes strong leadership of the private sector in these areas through active learning, providing technical support, sharing information, knowledge and experience, promoting best practices and dialogue with state and civil society partners. Its overall mandate is to help raise awareness of biodiversity and sustainability issues amongst the Sri Lankan business community. Working to assist companies in understanding and mainstreaming biodiversity, the Platform has the ultimate aim of ensuring that a majority of companies will eventually be on a sustainable ecological footing with a vastly reduced negative impact upon biodiversity.

BSL’s Key Objectives

  • To add economic value to biodiversity conservation and integrate it into the core business of companies
  • To strengthen and increase the involvement of the private sector in biodiversity conservation
  • To promote national co-operation and the exchange of ideas and information

The backbone of BSL is its members. Membership is open to Sri Lanka-based businesses ranging from national to multinational companies and SMEs. Currently, thirty-one (31) leading corporates – all with high standards of environmental custodianship have backed the Platform by becoming its invited Patron Members. Twenty-six (26) General Members have been confirmed to date.Membership of BSL brings in a wide array of benefits to its members, in the arena of biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. As a part of the services offered, BSL has developed a comprehensive technical database, carrying information on expertise available in diverse and relevant subject areas. Conservation-related requirements of businesses are channeled to the intellectual mainstream and academia through this database. Knowledge of current best practices is disseminated through workshops and learning events, recognizing outstanding corporate contributions to biodiversity conservation.

What we do

The organization and hosting of various networking and learning events is a medium by which BSL encourages dialogue and sharing of best practices whilst harnessing the potential for collaborative work. Events of BSL also provide opportunities for Members to showcase their activities connecting them to wider local and international networks and fora.

BSL facilitates information flow among companies encouraging them to share best-practices, demonstrating that sustainability and profitability need not be mutually-exclusive. Recognizing that often, companies have trouble navigating through a surfeit of data and not taking advantage of the best tools and other mechanisms available, the Platform endeavors to streamline and simplify this information, providing assistance and support for greater uptake. The Platform assists companies in mainstreaming biodiversity and raising awareness through its training portfolio encouraging businesses to ask questions and exchange ideas through host webinars and “Ask the Expert” events. The Platform being a member of the Global Business and Biodiversity Partnership of the CBD Secretariat, lends a cache and legitimacy to these efforts which will be very important for companies working with other stakeholders, particularly governments and civil society.

Our Beginnings

Initially established in August 2012, as a programme of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce called the Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity (SL B&B) Platform, the initiating partners were the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Dilmah Conservation. In October 2015, the Platform was legally established as a not-for-profit Company limited by guarantee and was re-branded as Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL).

BSL now focuses on national priorities that would set higher standards for Sri Lanka’s private sector to further commit towards the conservation of our valuable biological heritage.

Our Team

Biodiversity Sri Lanka is advised  by a 9 member Board Of Directors which meets regularly, Its day-to-day activities are carried out by a Secretariat located at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.