The Secretariat

Profile Pic - Shiranee E. Yasaratne (1)

Advisor – Ms. Shiranee E. Yasaratne

She has demonstrated success in promoting environmental and social sustainability in the business sector, with a particular focus on sustainable consumption and production, strategic and environmental impact assessment and integrating biodiversity considerations into corporate practices of businesses at the local, national, and multinational levels.

She has leadership and management experience as Deputy Director General of the Central Environmental Authority of the Government of Sri Lanka, Country Representative of IUCN Sri Lanka and Coordinator of the Regional Business and Biodiversity Programme of IUCN Asia.  (Read More)


Programme Officer –Roshan Salinda

Roshan holds a post graduate qualification in Economic Development from the University of Colombo. Prior to joining BSL, he worked for GreenMovement of Sri Lanka and carries substantial experience in implementing projects in different social and cultural contexts across the country. He believes in that conservation alone is not enough as present-day environmental challenges are mostly created, and significantly influenced by social, economic, political  and cultural drivers and therefore, an all-encompassing, multidisciplinary approach which integrates community-public-private partnerships is essential to ensure environmental well-being.


Thamindu Sandaruwan-Programme Assistant

Thamindu Sandaruwan holds a B.Sc special degree in Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources Management from the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka. Thamindu has traveled across Sri Lanka and South Asia region engaging in field research activities focusing on sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and restoration of habitats for threatened species and indigenous species. He has also done biodiversity research to identify differences between Analog forests and Native forests in Sri Lanka using biological and physical indicators. He acquired ample experience in standardized field techniques and organic farming. He believes that the Earth is not part of us rather we are part of the Earth and therefore we should respect and protect her integrity.

Programme Officer – Mohamed Azick

Mohamed Azick holds a Masters major in Environmental Change Management from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He is also holding a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Environmental Change Management with second class in the University of Kelaniya. As a passionate traveler, Azick has traveled much of Sri Lanka and Australia engaging in field research activities focusing on biodiversity conservation including threatened species, invasive species and endangered species. Prior to joining BSL, he has held research assistant positions with the University of Sydney, Australia. His expertise lies in environmental field research techniques as well as substantial experience in conducting Environmental Impacts Assessments.