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  • Palmyrah trees vanish overnight

    Thousands of Palmyrah trees have been felled and smuggled out of Talaimannar to be sold elsewhere, villagers said. They have demanded that this illegal act should be stopped and legal action should be taken against the culprits. They complained that a large number of palmyrah trees were being felled in Talaimannar, Olaithoduwai, Kaddukkarankudiyiruppu, Thulukuddiyiruppu, Pesalai […]

  • Sea cucumber meant to be smuggled into Lanka seized in Tamil Nadu

    Close to 600 kg of sea cucumber, an endangered coral reef species,  meant to be smuggled into Sri Lanka was seized in Tamil Nadu and one suspect was arrested inconnection, Marine police told Indian media According to DNA,  acting on a tip-off, a team of Marine Police recovered the sea cucumber hidden in a sack buried […]

  • Majestic tusker killed in turf war

    The iconic, oldest tusker in the Yala National Park, Thilak, was killed in a tussle with another elephant named Kabila (Thani Dalaya) in Sithulpawwa last Wednesday.                Pic by Samantha Hettiarachchi As the largest tusker among some 120 tuskers in Sri Lanka, the 60-year-old Thilak was the centre of […]

  • Two arrested for smuggling 2,089 star tortoises from India

    Two suspects had been arrested by the Navy, when they attempted to smuggle in 2,089 living star tortoises by a dinghy, in the seas off Kalpitiya yesterday, the Navy said The suspects were smuggling these rare species of tortoises by illegal means from India, the Navy said. They said suspects were arrested a group of […]


    The National Anti-dengue Campaign wants people to take following precautions as there is a danger of dengue spreading due to monsoonal rains: Over-exhaustion while having fever will aggravate dengue. If fever continues for two days, please seek medical advice. Only paracetamol may be taken for fever. If you are afflicted with dengue fever, taking other […]

  • World Oceans Day – looking deeper into Sri Lanka’s sea areas

    Today marks World Ocean Day. A look at the current concerns facing Sri Lanka… For this island nation, the importance of the ocean is vital to the economy, ecology and tourism. Sri Lanka’s rich marine life includes one of the largest populations of blue whales in the world The ocean area belonging to Sri Lanka extends 200 […]

  • Seven baby elephants released to Udawalawa

    Seven baby elephants who have been raised for five years at Udawalawa Eth Athurusevana have been released to Udawalawa National Wildlife Park under the patronage of Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera. Baby elephants who meet with various injuries, are being brought to Udawalawa Eth Ahurusevana, and provided treatment and protection. Seven baby elephants who were looked […]

  • Bitter protests over sugar cane

    Protests are growing over a private sugar cane cultivation in Dehigama, Rideemali-yadda, where lands from the Madhuru Oya forest will be allocated. Environmentalists and villagers conducted a religious ritual to protect the trees of the forest. According to their belief the trees cannot be felled after these religious observances are held. A large number of […]

  • ‘I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree’

    Highlighting the importance of diplomacy of the garden over the ages, Dr. Sarala Fernando laments the official apathy towards protecting the natural splendour we have inherited Our political leaders seem to admire and take Singapore as a model. Yet, consider how much planning, resources and energy have gone into branding Singapore as the garden city. […]

  • Nandikadal lagoon fish perished without oxygen, says NARA

    Nandikadal lagoon fish perished without oxygen, says NARA By Malaka Rodrigo Thousands of fish seen floating in the Nandikadal and another nearby lagoon in Mullativu this week died because of a lack of oxygen, experts say. Nandikadal is where a decisive battle against LTTE terrorism took place in May 2009. So the news of the […]