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  • Court extends ban on dumping garbage in Muthurajawela

    The Supreme Court on Thursday extended the order prohibiting the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) from disposing garbage at Muthurajawela till July 25. A petition was filed by several residents in the area seeking a court order against the disposal of garbage collected from the city of Colombo at the Muthurajawela site. The petition states that […]

  • Sea temperature changes contributing to droughts

    Fluctuations in sea surface temperature are a factor in causing persistent droughts in North America and around the Mediterranean, new research suggests. A team from the universities of Exeter, Montpellier and Wageningen analysed data from 1957–2002 and found sea surface temperatures in the North Pacific and North Atlantic became increasingly variable, and extremes lasted for […]

  • Sand mining a major problem

    Illegal sand mining has become major problem in the Northern Province. A shortage of sand is prevailing in the North as several construction projects are in progress. Due to this, the price of sand has shot up. One tipper of sand which was purchased at Rs 17,000 during the pre-2009 period, now costs Rs 40,000, […]

  • Why Tyrannosaurus was a slow runner and why the largest are not always the fastest

    Summary – No other animal on land is faster than a cheetah — the elephant is indeed larger, but slower. For small to medium-sized animals, larger also means faster, but for really large animals, when it comes to speed, everything goes downhill again. For the first time, it is now possible to describe how this […]

  • ComBank wins 4 CSR and Sustainability Awards from CMO Asia Council

    The Commercial Bank of Ceylon won four awards at the Sri Lanka Marketing, HR and CSR Leadership Awards presented in Colombo last week by the CMO Asia Council. The bank received the awards for best use of CSR practices in banking and finance; developing sustainability strategies; concern for health; and support and improvement in quality […]

  • Curse called polythene

    Responding to the Cabinet’s approval of banning the production, sale and use of lunch-sheets, polythene and Styrofoam/Rigifoam, the Colombo Municipality (CMC) yesterday said the move would reduce at least one third of the waste collected in the city. The CMC Waste Management Director Ms. Yogarani Sylvester speaking to the Daily Mirror said the ban would […]