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  • Feeling the Heat: How Fish Are Migrating from Warming Waters

    The Cape Cod Canal is a serpentine artificial waterway that winds eight miles from Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay. On warm summer evenings, anglers jostle along its banks casting for striped bass. That’s what 29-year-old Justin Sprague was doing the evening of August 6, 2013, when he caught a fish from the future.  At […]

  • Hydroelectric dams may jeopardize the Amazon’s future

    Map depicting the Amazon’s 19 sub-basins and the existing or under construction (green) and planned (yellow) hydroelectric dams. Credit: Illustration by Edgardo Latrubesse Hundreds of built and proposed hydroelectric dams may significantly harm life in and around the Amazon by trapping the flow of rich nutrients and modifying the climate from Central America to the […]

  • Majestic tusker killed in turf war

    The iconic, oldest tusker in the Yala National Park, Thilak, was killed in a tussle with another elephant named Kabila (Thani Dalaya) in Sithulpawwa last Wednesday.                Pic by Samantha Hettiarachchi As the largest tusker among some 120 tuskers in Sri Lanka, the 60-year-old Thilak was the centre of […]

  • Two arrested for smuggling 2,089 star tortoises from India

    Two suspects had been arrested by the Navy, when they attempted to smuggle in 2,089 living star tortoises by a dinghy, in the seas off Kalpitiya yesterday, the Navy said The suspects were smuggling these rare species of tortoises by illegal means from India, the Navy said. They said suspects were arrested a group of […]

  • Swim Week Colombo unveils new position Green Conscious Earth Sensitive

    Swim Week Colombo 2018, presented by OLU Tropical Water, will showcase the latest swimwear collections of eleven progressive Sri Lankan designers and three international designers. As demonstrated in its previous editions, Swim Week Colombo is the foremost platform for swimwear designers in Sri Lanka as well as the region and brings together some of the […]

  • Peatlands, already dwindling, could face further losses

    Climate change could damage the fragile zones, causing major carbon emissions Summary – Tropical peatlands have been disappearing fast due to clear-cutting and drainage projects. Now, new research shows peatlands face another threat, as climate change alters rainfall patterns, potentially destroying much of what remains and turning these carbon sinks into net carbon sources. Researchers […]