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  • Record-breaking marine heatwave powered by climate change cooks Tasmania’s fisheries

    Summary – Climate change has warmed the waters east of Tasmania at four times the speed of the global average. But the heatwave of the southern summer of 2015/2016 was something exceptional, damaging fisheries and bringing new species to the island. It’s a sign of things to come, say the researchers examining these events. At […]

  • 700,000 Families affected – DMC

    By Niranjala Ariyawansha An estimated 700,000 farmer families have been affected owing to the prevailing drought in 13 districts of the dry zone, the Department of Disaster Management (DMC) warned yesterday. The country’s dry zone has not received any rainfall during the past seven months. In addition to that, a weak North-East monsoon with insufficient […]

  • Climatic stability resulted in the evolution of more bird species

    Summary – More species of birds have accumulated, in general, inhabiting climatically stable areas. Bar-tailed Godwit. Credit: Lars Edenius  More species of birds have accumulated in genera inhabiting climatically stable areas. This is shown by a new study from Umeå University. “The explanation may be that a stable climate makes it more likely that diverging […]

  • Key to speeding up carbon sequestration discovered

    Summary – The slow part of a chemical reaction that allows carbon to be sequestered in the ocean has now been identified by researchers, who have demonstrated how to speed it up with a common enzyme. Scientists at Caltech and USC have discovered a way to speed up the slow part of the chemical reaction […]

  • Forest Reserves to become National Wildlife parks

    Steps have been taken to develop the Kalawewa and Kahalapalla Forest Reserves as National Wildlife parks. Minister Gamini Jayawickrema Perera said that a special discussion in this regard would be held next week. The Kalawewa Forest Reserve which is about 5,050 hectares, was named as a National Wildlife Park in October 2015. It is reported […]

  • Fire at Hali-ela forest reserve

    A sudden fire that has erupted in Hali-ela forest reserve, has destroyed about 30 acres of the reserve. The fire has erupted last night destroying about 30 acres of the forest. It is reported that a large number of wild animals live in the forest. Police suspect that the fire has been set on to […]