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  • Environmentalists fire warning shots over “senseless” jumbo killing

    The elephant being rescued, but soon the she elephant lay dead. Pix by Ramesh Madushanka By Kumudini Hettiarachchi * No thinking or planning before using fire-power * Shooting gives wrong message to villagers * Video clearly shows that the ‘rampage’ claim by DWC was untrue A wild elephant is dead – at the hands of […]

  • Methanol: The next fuel-efficient renewable energy source?

    The fossil fuel fight goes on for USC scientists as they develop a new method for creating reversible hydrogen storage based on methanol, with no carbon emissions, in the last major paper co-authored by USC’s first Nobel laureate, the late George Olah. Scientists have long struggled with generating and storing hydrogen, the kind that might […]

  • Plant scientists identify aphid-destroying wasps in cup plants

    This photo of a cup plant flower teaming with insects led entomologists to investigate the pollinator wasp diversity support potential of the plant and the role of aphids and parasitic wasps. Credit: Image courtesy of South Dakota State University. Summary – A photo of a cup plant teaming with insects led a better understanding of […]

  • Legislation to enforce garbage recycling

    The Government will, within two months, introduce legislation to enforce the recycling of garbage, informed sources said yesterday. They said the Prime Minister was monitoring the progress of the new Bill, which is now under preparation. “Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in Asia that does not have specific laws pertaining to recycling […]

  • One arrested with 511 kgs of red sandalwood

    An individual, who attempted to smuggle 511 kgs of red sandalwood into the country from India via sea, was arrested by the Navy today. The suspect was arrested on receipt of intelligence information to the Navy. The Navy said the search operation was carried out in the Anawasala area in Kalpitiya and the racketeer was […]

  • Earth Day observed around the world

    Earth Day was observed around the world yesterday with tree plantings, exhibits, cleanups and protests. Members of an ecologist group known as ”Comando Borraja” (Borage Commando) plant some vegetables and flowers in a street of Tudela village, northern Spain, in commemoration of Earth Day, April 22, 2017. Source – 23/04/2017, Dailymirror,- See more at: