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  • Annual trek of faith on foot

    The Yala National Park gates were opened for Pada Yatra devotees last morning who are on their annual trek on foot from the north to Kataragama. Pic by Sumanasiri Gunatillake Source – The Sunday times,

  • Uma Oya tragedy is all because of a bad EIA, activists charge

    The controversial Uma Oya project was started on an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report that was carried out in a questionable manner with little geological input, an environmental justice group has charged. Hemantha Withanage, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Environmental Justice, claimed that the project was started in haste with the Iranian […]

  • WHO’s dengue report recommends vector control programmes as priority

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has handed over to the Health Ministry a report compiled with the aim of providing technical assistance to the Government to address the dengue outbreak. The report was compiled following the feedback from two dengue experts from Thailand who trained clinicians here on case management. The WHO South-East Asia Regional […]

  • Fossil site shows impact of early Jurassic’s low oxygen oceans

    Summary – Using a combination of fossils and chemical markers, scientists have tracked how a period of globally low ocean-oxygen turned an Early Jurassic marine ecosystem into a stressed community inhabited by only a few species. Before the low oxygen period, bivalves were larger and more numerous. Credit: The University of Texas at Austin/Rowan Martindale […]

  • Climate change: Biodiversity rescues biodiversity in a warmer world

    Summary – Climate change leads to loss of biodiversity worldwide. However, ecosystems with a higher biodiversity in the first place might be less affected a new study. Scientists found that when they experimentally warmed meadows, the diversity of nematode worms living in the soil went down in monocultures, whereas the opposite was true for meadows […]

  • Dalada Maligawa declared world’s first Eco-Religious site

    The Temple of the Tooth Relic knows as the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy had been named as the world’s first Green Religious Site, the Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry said. Accordingly, the entire temple premises will be made polythene/plastic-free zones. The National programme to name the Temple of the Tooth as the world’s first […]