Services to Members:

• Easy access to technical advice on environmental issues at a concessionary rate.
• Global and national publicity for ongoing projects and endeavours in conservation.
• Networking opportunities with conservation bodies and trail-blazing members of the private sector.
• Accreditation for successful activities and an Awards system.
• Access to expertise to ensure start-up projects meet national standards.
• Value-addition to existing projects.
• Workshops and trainin g sessions on relevant topics.
• Access to a bank of projects which meet national priorities.
• An online forum to discuss and inquire after points of interest.
• A library of best practices and online handbooks.
• Involvement in policy-making and bench-marking.

Benefits of Membership:

• Access to sectoral best practice for biodiversity conservation through the Technical Resource Bank of the Platform.
• A forum for dialogue and exchange of knowledge, information and methods on biodiversity conservation.
• Access to information on national and international biodiversity conservation priorities.
• Access to technical advice and assistance in integrating biodiversity concerns in project planning and implementation, including workshops and training sessions.
• Access to a project bank consisting of ongoing and proposed projects, involving biodiversity solutions for business.
• Networking opportunities as a member of a biodiversity network.
• Assistance in benchmarking and monitoring impacts on biodiversity.
• Building on the business’s green credentials and being eligible for Best Corporate Citizen’s Awards and other awards in the realm of environment.


Download the Patron Membership Application Form here…

Download the General Membership Application Form here…


For detailed information and inquiries please contact:

Membership and Communications Coordinator – Biodiversity Sri Lanka.

Telephone: +94.11.558.8843

Email: [email protected]



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