Biodiversity Sri Lanka is a nationally-owned, member-driven networking platform which relies on its members for its operations and sustenance. The Platform’s Membership is of two types – Patron Membership and General Membership.

Patron Members

The Platform’s Patron Members are a selected group of organizations which have demonstrated long-standing commitment to environmental/biodiversity conservation issues and have the ability to showcase exemplary performance in the realm of biodiversity conservation, either aligned to their core business or to their CSR strategy. These Members back the Platform and direct the activities of BSL by pointing out priority areas and concerns that need addressing.

Patron Member Investment

Patron Members are expected to make a onetime payment of LKR 150,000/- which will be valid for a period of two years. The financial commitment in terms of annual membership subscription thereafter (from the third year onwards) will be limited to LKR 30,000/- only. Patron Members will be allowed the use of an exclusive ‘Patron Member’ logo.

General Members

General Membership of BSL is now open to all Sri Lanka-based corporate entities which are considering a shift towards sustainable business development through environmental/biodiversity conservation commitment. Those companies which are already engaged in such activities and would like to raise their biodiversity conservation profile are also welcome to apply for General Membership with Biodiversity Sri Lanka.

General Membership Investment

The financial commitment in terms of annual membership subscription will be limited to LKR 30,000/- only.

Benefits to All Members

  • Access to industry best practices
  • Support and value-addition on biodiversity conservation initiatives
  • Access to national and international conservation priorities
  • Access to technical experts
  • Invitations to roundtable discussions, workshops and training programmes
  • Access to a bank of information on past, ongoing and proposed conservation projects
  • Knowledge and information on benchmarking, certification and awards schemes
  • Member networking through actual and virtual forums
  • Support on green image-building, publicity and outreach

For inquiries relating to membership contact the Membership and Communications Coordinator on 11 558 8833 or e-mail: