Project Bank

Assessment of Biodiversity

  1. Taxonomic review of four new species of Tarantula (Genus Poecilotheria) in Sri Lanka

  2. Habitat enrichment of the Udawattakele forest reserve in Kandy

  3. Impact of fragmentation on biodiversity

  4. Developing a biodiversity connectivity map to identify gaps to be addressed by the plantations sector

  5. Assessment of tree planting as an enhancement of biodiversity

  6. Assessment of Important Bird Areas in Sri Lanka (IBA)

  7. Biodiversity assessment for selected hotspots in Sri Lanka

Biodiversity and Communities

  1. Study of lichen diversity in the Kandy district and development as an indicator for monitoring of air pollution from vehicular emissions

  2. Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) conservation through research, community-based awareness and education, and grassroots conservation

  3. Developing the Green Zone in Denuwara, Kandy

  4. Comprehensive Biodiversity-based Tourism Development

Education, Awareness and Culture

  1. Waarana- a Sinhala and Tamil Environmental magazine for school circulation

  2. Sponsorship of the University Explorers’ Club (UEC), University of Peradeniya

  3. Measurement of climate change awareness of youth in Sri Lanka

  4. International Conference on Marine Mammals of the Indian Ocean

  5. Development of a Technical Guide to Restoration of Forests

  6. Cave Biodiversity in Sri Lanka (CABSLA)

  7. “Leopards of the White Sand” A documentary film on the existing Leopard population of Willpattu National Park

  8. ‘Preserve Our Wilderness and Environmental Resources’ – A project for outstation schools

Inland Waters Conservation

  1. Improving water security through catchment conservation and river restoration for Ginganga and Nilwala basins


  1. Regeneration of Diyakothakanda pilot project

Species Conservation

  1. Gathering Knowledge on the Endemic Sri Lankan Whistling Thrush (Myophonus blighi)

  2. Gathering knowledge on the endemic Sri Lankan Green-billed Coucal (Centropus chlorohynchos)

  3. Gathering knowledge on the endemic Sri Lankan Brown-capped babbler (Pellorneum fuscocapillus)

  4. Development of a Wildlife Transit Facility

Marine Conservation

  1. Implementation of Action Plan to Conserve Marine Ecosystems of Sri Lanka

Terrestrial Ecosystem and Habitat Conservation

  1. Translocation and Restoration of Threatened Endemic Plant Species from Walauwatta- Wathurana

  2. Innovative Partnerships for Revival of the Elusive Sri Lanka Blue Magpie

  3. Developing a biodiversity connectivity map to identify gaps to be addressed by the plantations sector

  4. Conservation of Irrigation ecosystem through planting native trees for sustainable irrigation infrastructure

If interested in any of the following project ideas, please contact the Projects and Events Coordinator of Biodiversity Sri Lanka on 94115588843 or email on