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Habitat degradation and loss pushes amphibian species to the brink of extinction. Amphibian species are going extinct before even being described.   Alfred Russell Wallace, the founder of modern biogeography and Charles Darwin with whom he shared the theory of evolution were both influenced by what they saw on islands. Many of the key bio-geographical […]

The Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity Platform of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce together with Hatton National Bank and Dilmah Conservation will host a public lecture on Island Biodiversity and Its Significance for Sri Lanka, to mark the United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity in keeping with the declared theme for 2014. The event will be held […]

“Globally, we estimate that almost half a billion people live within 100 kilometers of a coral reef, benefitting from the production and protection these ecosystems provide” – Reefs at Risk, World Resources Institute, 1998 Being and island nation, the Sri Lankan Government has exercised leadership in shaping and developing environmentally sound and comprehensive coral reef […]