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It has been a great honour to be recognized as one of the Top Ten Best Corporate Citizens in Sri Lanka at the BEST CORPORATE CETIZEN SUSTAINABILITY AWARD 2015 conducted by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for the second year consecutively out of a total of three year winning spree.

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC (PLC) has grown from strength to strength while enabling countless entrepreneurs to venture out and thrive. PLC supports national and regional development through lending mainly for income generation and created employment. Microfinance subsidiary of PLC supports empowering female entrepreneurs through inclusive finance. In a highly competitive industry, PLC retained its position as market leader in leasing for the 13th consecutive year and the largest non-bank financial institution in Sri Lanka.  Despite a highly liquid market, PLC achieved a milestone sales volume exceeding Rs. 7 Bn. mark; a record not only in the PLC history but also in Sri Lankan non-bank financial sector.


PLC considers its staff as the most valued asset. PLC’s continuing commitment to customer care earned PLC the People’s Choice Award at the SLIM People’s Awards 2015 for the third consecutive year. An independent customer satisfaction survey revealed a world class eQ score of 85 for SME customer segment of PLC. With a renewed focus on supporting local communities through cross sector partnerships, PLC invested Rs. 72 Mn. on 127 community initiatives during 2014/15. Guided by “We Care”; framework, PLC impacted lives of more than 200,000 Sri Lankans by improving education, healthcare, infrastructure, providing essentials during disasters. PLC marked an important milestone for PLC as it embarked on its journey towards carbon neutrality, for the first time measuring the carbon footprint of entire PLC Group. PLC continued efforts to popularize a green culture at PLC introducing initiatives to put the environmental consciousness of employees to practice.


PLC was ranked at 17th among the Top 25 listed companies in Sri Lanka- 2014/15 chosen by the Business Today magazine.  PLC received a Gold Award at the SLITAD People Development Awards 2015 organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development. The company also bagged the sector Gold award for the 8th consecutive year and the Silver award for Overall Management Commentary at the Best Annual Report Competition hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka.

During our 19 year journey in a dynamic business environment, PLC remained steadfast in its commitment to its stakeholders. We salute our stakeholders who have been an integral part of our corporate journey. It is you who raised us to the pinnacle of success and we are grateful for the trust and confidence you have placed in us. We pledge to continue our sustainable corporate journey towards a greater value creation for all stakeholders in the years to come.


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Photo 1 : Community based E-Waste collection camp hosted by Grandpass branch of PLC

Photo 2 : Entrepreneurship development initiative for the SME customers of PLC hosted by Kelaniya branch of PLC

Photo 3 : A group of PLC employees volunteering in registration of vehicle customers of PLC prior to an awareness programme on  road discipline

Photo 4: Mr. D.P Kumarage, CEO/GM of PLC receiving the Top Ten Best Corporate Citizens award at the Best Corporate Citizen Award 2015.