Monthly Archives: April 2016

The continues global warming due to climate change has been known to take its toll to Arctic, melting ice caps at an increased rate, but a new study suggests that the warming climate may be sapping considerably amounts of oxygen from the ocean. (Photo : Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images) According to the study published in […]

The Anantaya Resort chain of Laugfs Leisure Limited has yet again embarked on another green i nitiative as part of its sustainability efforts. Renowned for its ‘eco luxury’ concept, Anantaya recently launched a tree planting drive at its Chilaw resort, as part of a broader campaign to strengthen its commitment towards the environment and community […]

The World Bank has approved a 45 million US dollar loan to help protect Sri Lanka’s natural habitats and resources from degradation and exploitation. The money will also help improve the lives and livelihoods of neighboring communities, who suffer the most from natural resource loss and degradation, a statement said. “Natural ecosystems in Sri Lanka […]

Carbon dioxide emissions from industrial society have driven a huge growth in trees and other plants. A new study says that if the extra green leaves prompted by rising CO2 levels were laid in a carpet, it would cover twice the continental USA. Climate sceptics argue the findings show that the extra CO2 is actually […]

As many as 195 States were parties to the discussions in Paris on the COP 21 Agreement which was accepted in general by consensus. The Agreement will be deposited at the UN in New York and opened for one year for signature on April 22, 2016–Mother Earth Day. The Agreement will enter into force after […]

Sri Lanka has been ranked as one of the world’s worst marine polluters in a study conducted by international Business Times Magazine. In the study where a country-by-country breakdown of plastics in oceans was recorded, Sri Lanka has been ranked as No 5, along with a number of other Asian countries. China has been named […]

Sri Lanka hopes to introduce new bills in its parliament by June in order to create a more efficient, dynamic and secure business environment conducive for investment, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said here Monday. Speaking at a media briefing after holding discussions with his Swedish counterpart, Margot Wallstrom, who arrived in Sri Lanka […]

Trailblazing through the banking industry of Sri Lanka with unique CSR initiatives and sustainability efforts that ensure the wellbeing of the country and its citizens, Sampath Bank was recognized with a Bronze award at the JASTECA CSR Awards 2015, held on the 7th of March, 2016 at Galadari Hotel, Colombo. Sampath Bank was honoured for […]

Each year, more than one billion people participate in the Earth Day-related activities aimed at building a healthy and sustainable environment, address climate change and protect the Earth for future generations. Started in 1970, this designated day of April 22 has become an annual reminder of our responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth. […]