Journey to Yala Responsible Adventure

Enthusiasts lounged on cozy sacs at the Good Market to listen to former Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Dr Sumith Pilapitiya, Otara Gunawardena of Otara Foundation & Embark and Shiranee Yasaratne of Biodiversity Sri Lanka who spoke on the topic ‘Journey to Yala – a responsible adventure’ organized by Saraii Village.
Saraii Village an ecotourism based hotel located in the south of Sri Lanka features sustainability high on its agenda in all aspects such as construction, cuisine, society and excursions.
Whilst Dr Pilapitiya warned that if the present rate of degradation in the Yala Park continues unabated there will be long term detrimental impacts on the biodiversity that it harbors, Otara spoke of her recent experiences and observations encountered in her visits around the country and the need for every citizen to take on the responsibility of conserving Sri Lanka’s biological riches.
Biodiversity Sri Lanka highlighted its recent work in popularizing lesser known Biodiversity rich destinations in Sri Lanka which harbour the same or even more attributes than Yala for visitor enjoyment.
We were happy to have inspired Saraii Village to raise much needed awareness on this important topic through this event.