Sampath Bank Green Inventor workshop to help young inventors go green

Sampath Bank, one of the nation’s most innovative banks, in their continuing bid to secure a sustainable future recently held a workshop for the ‘Sampath Green Inventor’ competition finalists at the Buddhist Cultural Centre.

The 78 finalists were shortlisted from 17 state and private universities for the final round to present their inventions which are designed to help environmental conservation. The workshop itself aimed to groom the young inventors in the principles of ‘product development and socially responsible entrepreneurship’ that form the basis of the competition.

The workshop was also attended by the eminent panel of judges as well as prominent figures involved in environmental conservatism to guide the finalists on their journey. The inventors were provided with an understanding on the necessity and the positive impact of developing green inventions.

“Our impact on the environment is a very important question that must be addressed. As we begin to come to terms with how we have been treating the world around us it falls on the inventors, the dreamers, the innovators to envision a path to a greener future. We are dedicated to provide these inventors with the necessary tools and platform needed to help create viable solutions to ultimately reduce the harm we are doing the environment thereby creating a sustainable world for future generations,” said Sampath Bank PLC Human Resources Assistant General Manager Lalith Weragoda.

The primary focus of this competition is to encourage young inventors in Sri Lankan universities to provide sustainable solutions for environmental protection and conservation with green innovations. The winners of the competition will be awarded with cash prizes and valuable trophies. Selected participants will receive certificates for their commitment towards the competition and the respective universities of the winners will also be recognized.