BSL participated in the Expert Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of Sri Lanka

BSL participated in the Expert Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of Sri Lanka, organized by the Climate Change Secretariat of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment yesterday, at the BMICH, under the umbrella of the Sri Lanka NEXT: A Blue Green Era programme. Several of BSL’s Members also participated at the event.

The forum aimed at gaining input from responsible agencies, experts, private sector, civil societies, journalists and other interested parties, in order to address the issues that have come up in the implementation of the Readiness Action Plan, drawn up to enable the achievement of targets of the NDCs –
Sri Lanka’s obligations towards the Paris Agreement of the UNFCCC.

Sri Lanka’s NDCs with regard to the Biodiversity sector are as follows:
1. Restoration of degraded areas inside and outside the Protected Area (PA) network to enhance
1.1 Identify degraded areas outside the PA network
1.1.1 Map the degraded areas
1.1.2 Reforestation of identified areas
1.2 Identify degraded areas inside the PA network
1.2.1 Map the areas
1.2.2 Habitat enrichment
1.2.3 Control of invasive species

2. Increase connectivity through corridors, landscape/matrix improvement and management.
2.1 Minimise human-animal conflict

3. Improve management, and consider increasing the extent of protected areas, buffer zones and
create new areas in vulnerable zones.

4. Identify biodiversity hotpots in Sri Lanka and upgrade them.
4.1. Conduct baseline surveys to identify the status of the biodiversity hotspot
4.2. Upgrade legal status

5. Promote traditional methods of biodiversity conservation for increased resilience in agroecosystems.
5.1 Promote traditional methods and indigenous knowledge
5.2 Promote non-traditional methods which are in harmony with nature

6. Implement community driven conservation projects and programmes.

7. Establish and implement ex-situ conservation programs

For more information on all of Sri Lanka’s NDC’s please see…/Sri%20…/NDCs%20of%20Sri%20Lanka.pdf