Sri Lanka Ready to Commemorate World Environment Day

Monday, 04 June 2018

By: Kalana Krishantha

Sri Lanka will commemorate World Environmental Day which falls June 5 under the theme ”Beat the Plastic Pollution.”

In 2016, a study by famous magazine, International Business Times ranked Sri Lanka among the top 20 countries that pumped 80% of the global plastic waste, amounting to 13 tons, into the sea. Accordingly every Sri Lankan throws 5.1 kilos of plastic and bottles.

Sri Lanka had been grouped with nations like Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam. According to the report, China has been ranked the top most in terms of dumping plastic waste.

The study also said that for every person in Sri Lanka 0.299 kg of plastic is mismanaged and the country generates an average of 5,163,689 kilos of plastic waste per day.

While speaking to Ceylon today, environmentalist Dr. Ravindra Kariyawasam claimed that the plastic problem had become a major environmental problem and no proper solution or policy had been implemented thus far.

“For example, see what type of environmental pollution happening even from state ceremonies. Even June 5, the water bottles which would be used for national environmental day commemoration would take around 450 years to be decomposed in natural ways like other typical plastic products.”