Colombo city to go green under new programme

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake yesterday pledged to transform the Colombo city into a blue- green city with a 1000 percent expansion of the tree cover.

The Mayor was speaking at the launch of Green City Project organised by Colombo Municipal Council at Viharamahadevi park in parallel with the World Environment Day celebrations.

She said that this task will be carried out by Environmental Committees functioning under 107 Municipal Councillors and with the support of Colombo city residents and private and state institutions. According to this programme, trees will be planted in parks and pavements in a scientific manner to withstand against adverse weather, climatic and high temperature conditions.

“Colombo is no more green city now as we experienced during our childhood. It is now a concrete jungle. Therefore, we will do maximum to make Colombo city as a blue-green city in the coming years through the CMC environmental committees.

“Our ancestors had planted trees in a scientific manner after considering many factors including climate conditions, temperature, soil, wind directions among others.

CMC Environment Committee Chairman Pradeep Jayawardene said technology will be utilized for a census on the number of trees in the Colombo city.The proposed census will be carried out with support from the Colombo and Moratuwa Universities which will be used as a database to check value and other important details of existing trees in the city. For the first time we have used digital technology to identify and take census of the “burutha” plantation in the Viharamaha Devi park.