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The hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic has begun to shrink, signaling good news for the environment decades after an international accord to phase out certain pollutants, researchers said Thursday. The study found that the ozone hole had shrunk by 1.5 million square miles (four million square kilometres) — an area about the […]

Amber Rudd allays fears that target would be casualty of EU referendum and adopts fifth carbon budget to reduce emissions 57% by 2032 on 1990 levels (The legally binding ‘fifth carbon budget’ is tougher than the target the UK signed up to as part of the EU. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian) The UK […]

NEW DELHI: India is considering the possibility of bringing an umbrella legislation on climate change to move ahead towards the ratification of the Paris climate agreement—a legacy that the US President Barack Obama wants to leave before his term draws to an end. (India is considering the possibility of bringing an umbrella legislation on climate […]

The relationship between forests and water is of crucial importance both for our survival and for the health of the planet. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence showing that water is better protected when forests are well protected. This is why many communities and Indigenous Peoples grant special protection to water sources, and […]

Wildlife advocates called to protect the dwindling populations of wild giraffes, whose numbers have fallen by 40 per cent over the past 15 years. Marking World Giraffe Day on Tuesday with a call to protect the 80,000 to 90,000 giraffes left roaming the African savannas — down from 140,000 in the early millennium and two […]

In an age of rapid global population growth, demand for safe, clean water is constantly increasing. In 2010 the United States alone used 355 billion gallons of water per day. Most of the available fresh water on Earth’s surface is found in lakes, streams and reservoirs, so these water bodies are critical resources. As a […]

The world needs to improve the way land is evaluated in order to unlock its true potential and reverse the alarming pace of land degradation, like the loss of 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil and 15 billion trees every year, a new report from the International Resource Panel says. Erosion, nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, […]

Plastic debris that was thought to be trapped in vast floating patches in the Pacific Ocean may be able to escape and pollute islands and coastal areas, a study warns. These great patches of rubbish — sometimes inaccurately called plastic islands or continents — could partly break up due to short-lived, hard-to-observe eddies, the paper […]

(High-resolution connectivity maps designed at Clemson University display the potential corridors used by animal populations to move between both large and small areas.Credit: Paul Leonard and Edward Duffy / Clemson University) Clemson University scientists Paul Leonard and Rob Baldwin are part of a collaborative study on how rising sea levels and increased urbanization — both […]