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High-level Seminar

The High-level seminar of FOCUS LK was held on 17th of March 2018 with the participation of more than 70 people from various sectors in Sri Lanka and the other countries. The signing ceremony was one of the glaring sessions happened during the event. Six private companies and BSL signed up the Expression of Interest document which showed the progress of the commitment of organizations to work collaboratively to conserve the ocean in Sri Lanka.

Project Proposal Presentation

This event was held with the intention of presenting the proposal of the project which have been developed under three objectives. The objectives of the project are,

  • The establishment of a reliable research database for policy formulation and resource management
  • The improved management of coastal and marine resources
  • Support towards sustainable local livelihoods and increase of awareness amongst stakeholders

The whole proposal consisted with a narrative summary and thirteen idea papers developed under the three objectives. By presenting the proposal to the public, it was given the opportunity to join and support the project.


Preparatory Technical Workshop

The preparatory technical workshop was the first event which was held as the initiative of FOCUS LK 2018. A major objective of the workshop was to identify one coastal stretch in Sri Lanka, in order to concentrate with the activities and support a concerted effort at improving resource management and conservation. Several coast regions were pre identified through a literature review conducted by IUCN Sri Lanka and presented to the participants for discussion. Through a participatory approach it was decided to select the coastal stretch from Vakarai to Batticaloa, and specific activities are now developing in order to improve resource management and sustainable use of marine resources in the selected area.

Project Background

FOCUS-LK 2018 is one of the French Embassy’s yearly cultural events which aims at sharing knowledge on themes of common interest both in Sri Lanka and in France. With the goal of improving the management and sustainable use of marine resources, FOCUS LK 2018 is supporting an initiative, Managing the Oceans and Boosting the Blue Economy. The collaborative partnership of Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and in the Maldives, the French Agency for Development (AFD), the Alliance Francaise de Kotte in Colombo, the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies (BCIS), the Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Sri Lanka, and Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL) took the leadership of this project from the beginning itself.  

France is founder and current president of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), an informal partnership between Nations and organizations which strives to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems around the world. In 2018, the third international year for coral reefs, the project FOCUS LK opened up the doors for Sri Lanka to strive protection of coastal ecosystems. World widely, the oceans are facing lots of threats mainly due to the pollution. The global warming, plastic litters and overfishing also have been caused severe damages to the natural ecosystems of the oceans. Thus it has been arrived the high time to conserve nature in all the possible manners

As a first step in developing an action plan a preparatory technical workshop was held on 15th of March, 2018 at the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies. The workshop attracted the participation of various state and private sector stakeholders, covering regulatory and management agencies, NGO’s, academia and the corporate sector, and facilitated a dialog and platform for collaborative work.

Partners who expressed the interest on the project:

– Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC

– MAS Holdings

– TESS (Pvt.) Ltd.

– Tokyo Cement Group

– Aitken Spence Travels

– Dialog Axiata PLC

– Biodiversity Sri Lanka  

Project Activities

  • Undertaking applied research for resource management
  • Valuation of ecological services that are critical for long term socio-economic wellbeing
  • Design and development of a monitoring framework for the project
  • Capacity building of stakeholders through education, awareness and training for sustainable resource use and conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems
  • Instituting collaborative surveillance and monitoring
  • Establishing an effective solid waste management system for the coastal area in collaboration with authorities and community groups
  • Working together to forge sustainability solutions for tourism development in the areas of Kalkudah and Passikudah
  • Establishing a Mooring Buoy Program to reduce pressure on coral reefs and define tourism designated zones
  • Supporting communities in adopting sustainable fishing practices
  • Supporting communities and SMEs in the manufacture and sale of traditional food, beverages and handicrafts at the Kallady Beach Promenade
  • Developing supplementary ecotourism services in the Vakarai Eco Resort Centre
  • Increasing awareness among local communities inclusive of schools, fishery societies, tour operators, tourists and CBOs on environmental issues and challenges
  • Development of capacity of Naturalists and Nature Interpreters to serve as Guides to the Batticaloa district’s natural attractions


Project initiated in: March 2018

Status: Launched

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Here’s what Mr. Jean-Philippe Gavois (Cultural and Cooperation Counsellor at the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and the Maldives) has to say about the FOCUS-LK 2018 initiative. Ambassade de France à Sri Lanka et aux Maldives#FOCUSLK2018 – Boosting the Blue Economy

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