Members of Biodiversity Sri Lanka receive various benefits such as technical assistance, coordination, facilitation, and publicity support to carry out biodiversity conservation projects throughout the island. Given that biodiversity is a vast area, conservation projects of this nature can vary with regard to scale, level of technical expertise required, potential for collaboration and the extent of solution provision to the national biodiversity priorities of Sri Lanka.

Available Projects

This list provides you access to a number of biodiversity conservation projects that might be of interest for implementation by your organization depending on the company’s objectives and specific requirements.

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Member Projects

Member projects give you the chance to explore biodiversity conservation projects which were and are currently being carried out by various Patron and General Members of Biodiversity Sri Lanka.

Conservation and Restoration of the Mini- Water Shed of the Puwakpitiya Oya in the Knuckles Conservation Forest

Our Wetland Our Future’: A Conservation Program for the Bolgoda Wetland Complex

Solid Waste Management for the Dikoya Watershed area of the Castlereight Reservoir.

Estimating the Sloth Bear Population in Wilpattu National Park

Reef rehabilitation by the Department of Wildlife Conservation in the Hikkaduwa Marine National Park.

LIFE Project – The Restoration of a Degraded Fern land in Halgahawala, Opatha and the Associated evelopment of a Biodiversity Credit Accrual System for Sri Lanka

FOCUS LK 2018 – BSL’s Collaborative Partnership in Managing the Oceans and Boosting the Blue Economy

Cave Biodiversity In Sri Lanka

Submit a Proposal

If you are keen on submitting a proposal to find financial support from Sri Lanka’s private sector in implementing a biodiversity conservation project, please find our easy-to–use project proposal template here.

To submit the proposal, download the project proposal template, fill in same and email it to our Projects Coordinator at [email protected]

For inquiries please call Projects and Events Coordinator on 94115588843.

Proposal submission template