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Would we care more if there was a price attached to it? Conventional logic dictates that people assign more value to things when they need to pay for it. And it is this very logic that scientists and the government now plan to use this to save our dwindling forest resources. On October 18, the […]

Opportunists burning down our forests simply in order to collect sand cheaply are amongthes whose actions have caused about 4,570 acres of forest and scrub to go up in flames this year alone. “They do this because when it rains after a fire, all the solid is washed down into the streams and rivers which […]

Conservationists are debating whether working out a rupee value for forests would convince money-crunching bureaucrats that preserving them makes more economic sense than stripping woodland for income-producing purposes. “Many people consider forest as a waste of land where utilising that terrain for other purposes can bring income, also contributing to the national economy. But forests […]

Deforestation is an under-reported issue that is only occasionally mentioned in relation to climate change or globalisation. Nevertheless, South-East Asia has the highest rate of deforestation of any tropical region, ahead of even Latin America and Africa. If deforestation continues at this pace, it is predicted that 75 percent of South-East Asia’s forests and 42 […]

Norway has become the first country to stop clear-cutting of trees, a huge step toward curbing global deforestation. At the rate we are going, the world’s rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years. In their pledge last week, Norwegian lawmakers also committed to find a way to source essential products such as palm oil, […]