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African elephant population has contracted by around 111,000 in the past decade as a result of poaching, study finds (Elephant losses have been attributed to poaching, but African nations are at odds over how best to protect the animals. Photograph: PR) The number of African elephants dropped by about 111,000 in the past decade as […]

For most of us, the Dehiwala Zoo is a place of interest as there are so many animals to be viewed; but for some others, it is a place where large animals that cannot speak are forced to entertain and are confined to small areas and remain chained for most of their lives. Elephants at […]

(Photo: Philimon Bulawayo) Zimbabwe is seeking support from its neighbors to be allowed to engage in international trade in ivory and will not burn its 70 tonnes of ivory stocks as Kenya did last month, the environment minister said on Wednesday. Zimbabwe and Namibia are bidding to open up international trade in elephant ivory, against […]