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Sustainable development is a priority for the government and development projects will be implemented adhering to a strict policy against environmental degradation, Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena said. President Sirisena said that not only Sri Lanka, but the whole world has to face the consequences of environmental pollution and further emphasized that the present government […]

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country filled with nature, forest cover, ecological and water provisions, different species of birds wildlife and so on which also includes several world heritage sites declared by the UNESCO and reserved in the constitution by the government. One may agree the protection of nature and the environment in the nation […]

Lung-penetrating dust from coal-fired power plants in the European Union claims some 23,000 lives a year and racks up tens of billions of euros in health costs, an NGO report said Tuesday. Even as the bloc shifts towards renewable sources like wind and Sun energy, coal still accounted for 18 percent of the EU’s greenhouse gas […]

The relationship between forests and water is of crucial importance both for our survival and for the health of the planet. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence showing that water is better protected when forests are well protected. This is why many communities and Indigenous Peoples grant special protection to water sources, and […]