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(REDD+ economics advisor of UNEP, Ivo Mulder, says that changes to our natural environment through activities like deforestation will affect many businesses in a number of ways – Reuters ) n early October Ivo Mulder, a REDD+ economics advisor of UNEP, wrote an article titled ‘Valuing the Invaluable in Business’ where he elaborated on the […]

WNPS expresses deep concern The Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance No 2 of 1937 (as amended, hereinafter at times referred to as the FFPO) which governs the legal administration of the Protected Areas of Sri Lanka clearly states that there can be no development activity or clearing of the habitat within National Parks (Section 6). […]

Plastic debris that was thought to be trapped in vast floating patches in the Pacific Ocean may be able to escape and pollute islands and coastal areas, a study warns. These great patches of rubbish — sometimes inaccurately called plastic islands or continents — could partly break up due to short-lived, hard-to-observe eddies, the paper […]

According to government reports, recent floods and landslides in Sri Lanka have caused widespread disruption across country. Over 400,000 people have been displaced by floods, many casualties have been reported, and dozens are feared missing. Government puts this down to climate change. Such disasters were on the discussion table since 2010, and it was to […]

President Maithripala Sirisena while addressing an event held in Polonnaruwa today, stated that if any environmental harm is reported in a certain area, strict action will be taken against the responsible government official in the area. The event was held at the Sevamuktha Kandavura Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa this morning to declare the National Environment […]

The 8th Global Environment Facility (GEF) Biennial International Waters Conference (IWC) will be held in Sri Lanka from May 9 to 13 with representatives from over 80 countries. The week-long conference themed Scaling Up Investments from Source to Sea in the Context of Achieving the SDGs, is jointly organised by the GEF, the Mahaweli Development […]