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Conservationists are debating whether working out a rupee value for forests would convince money-crunching bureaucrats that preserving them makes more economic sense than stripping woodland for income-producing purposes. “Many people consider forest as a waste of land where utilising that terrain for other purposes can bring income, also contributing to the national economy. But forests […]

Sri Lanka’s forest and wildlife protection agencies will start project to help communities living near protected habitats to improve livelihoods and make use of natural resources without degrading or over exploiting, the World Bank said. The World Bank is giving a 45 million dollar credit for a project that wll involve 15,000 residents, 30 percent […]

The relationship between forests and water is of crucial importance both for our survival and for the health of the planet. There is a vast amount of scientific evidence showing that water is better protected when forests are well protected. This is why many communities and Indigenous Peoples grant special protection to water sources, and […]