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  HSBC and IUCN joined hands in 2012 to restore the Kapiriggama tank cascade system under HSBC’s global water programme. Now, almost 4 years from its commencement, this partnership has changed lives of many for the better. It was also recognized at the Best Corporate Citizen Awards hosted by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce under […]

First global assessment finds 301 species are primarily at risk from human hunting for the bushmeat trade (A man walks past bushmeat including pangolins, bush rats and tiger cats for sale on the roadside in Equatorial Guinea. Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images) Hundreds of mammal species – from chimpanzees to hippos to bats – are […]

Climate Home: Rampal coal plant poses a ‘serious threat’ to a key ecosystem for Bengal tigers and must be cancelled, says the UN world heritage body (The proposed site of the Rampal coal power plant, which is 65km north of the Sundarbans world heritage area, would expose the downriver forests to pollution and acid rain. […]

Researchers studied 8,688 animal species on the IUCN Red List (Credit :Kandfoto/iStock) Recent analysis looked at threats to more than 8,600 species on IUCN Red List and found that agriculture alone negatively affects 5,407 threatened species including cheetahs Farming, hunting and climate change are among the most significant threats faced by more than 8,000 animal […]