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Say goodbye to plastic plates in France. The country is the first to ban all plastic cups, plates and silverware in a law that will take full effect in 2020. The measure was passed last month, but businesses have until 2020 to fully comply, according to the Associated Press. All disposable dishes in France will […]

The minute plastics are in the food chain, and they’re increasingly shown to harm the health of marine animals. Rivers that flow into the Great Lakes are awash with tiny plastic bits, some barely visible to the human eye but big enough to infiltrate the food chain, according to the largest study of microplastics in […]

On a suburban beach scores of volunteers take on mountains of waste and years of apathy in India’s most populous city (The litter-strewn Versova beach in Mumbai. Photograph: Neerav Ghosh) A plastic bag peeked out from under the mud. Neerav Ghosh put on his synthetic gloves and got to work with his daughter, yanking it […]

Analysis shows most UK plastic ends up in the Arctic, where it does ‘extreme harm’ to the fragile polar environment (Plastic bottles and other rubbish and waste washed up on a British beach. Photograph: Daisy Corlett/Alamy) Plastic dumped into the seas around the UK is carried to the Arctic within two years, scientists have revealed, […]