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ohn Dewey said that “every great advance in science has come from a new audacity of imagination” and these acts of imagination have to come from researchers. The numbers for Sri Lanka appear to be really worrying as the critical mass necessary is seriously missing. Research is investing money to generate knowledge. Today in Sri […]

(In this July 5, 2016 photo, a Sri Lankan mahout rests his hand on an iron chain that is used to tie his tamed elephant, in the backyard of his home in Baduraliya, ) In Sri Lanka, an elephant in the back yard has long been a sign of wealth, privilege and power. But these […]

Pictures of the fifth in line to the throne working in the African bush helping wildlife conservationists move hundreds of elephants long distances to new, safer homes were published today by the conservation NGO African Parks. Harry, 32, spent almost three weeks during the summer working on the ambitious 500 Elephants initiative in the southern […]

African elephant population has contracted by around 111,000 in the past decade as a result of poaching, study finds (Elephant losses have been attributed to poaching, but African nations are at odds over how best to protect the animals. Photograph: PR) The number of African elephants dropped by about 111,000 in the past decade as […]

Sri Lanka today announced it was planning to relocate farmers living on the edges of forests inhabited by elephants to reduce the numbers killed on both sides. Wildlife minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera said the island’s elephant population had dropped to 6,000, from 7,379 counted five years ago, as deadly encounters between animals and humans increase. “Although […]

Since 1950, a minimum of 4,200 elephants have perished in the wild as a direct result of the conflict between man and elephant in Sri Lanka. During the last 12 years, a total of 1,464 elephants were killed, along with 672 humans The suffering of poor farmers due to invading elephants is being highlighted practically […]