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A delay by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) to submit a proposal to include newly discovered endangered reptiles to the CITES list (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is preventing international action against those smuggling reptile species out the country, a former Customs Deputy Director claimed. Mr. Samantha […]

June 07, New York: Sri Lanka stands ready to combat illegal trafficking of wildlife which has become one of the largest transnational organized criminal activities alongside drugs, arms and human trafficking, a top diplomat to the United Nations said Monday. Delivering a statement at a special high-level event at the United Nations Headquarters in New […]

SriLankan Airlines on Thursday 2nd June joined a landmark worldwide drive to crackdown on the illegal global trade in wildlife that has brought many of the world’s rare species close to extinction. SriLankan was among several international airlines which pledged their full support for the ʻUnited for Wildlifeʼ initiative, at the annual general meeting of […]

(Photo: Philimon Bulawayo) Zimbabwe is seeking support from its neighbors to be allowed to engage in international trade in ivory and will not burn its 70 tonnes of ivory stocks as Kenya did last month, the environment minister said on Wednesday. Zimbabwe and Namibia are bidding to open up international trade in elephant ivory, against […]