Project Background

The Castlereigh reservoir was created as a mini-hydro power generation project, by damming the KehelgamuOya – a major tributary of the Kelani River. Located in the Central Province, the reservoir also gets fed by DikOyaella, a minor tributary.The project is an attempt to increase the reservoir’s potential for water sports facilities and uplifting of the general environment surrounding the Ceylon Tea Trails’ Castlereigh Bungalow located overlooking the reservoir. The project is being carried out by Dilmah Conservation, Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and Biodiversity Sri Lanka with the assistance of the AmbagamuwaPradeshiYa Saba in Ginigathhena.

The owning company of Ceylon Tea Trails, Resplendent Ceylon – the leisure arm of Dilmah Tea, is a Patron Member of the Platform.

Project Activities

Key project activities

  • Identify key stakeholders who would be able to conduct a survey to:
  • Identify the point and non-point sources of solid waste which enter the reservoir
  • Assess the quantity of solid waste entering the reservoir
  • Estimate the possible sources of solid waste discharge into all the rivers, streams and channels through the use of a questionnaire survey
  • Clear the floating debris currently existing at the entry point of DikOyaella and Norwood stream falling into the reservoir
  • Conduct a baseline survey of the water quality of the reservoir at five selected locations
  • Conduct awareness programmes for the local communities and schools in the vicinity
  • Create short-midterm measures to combat the solid waste issue
  • Working with the concerned local authorities, recommend measures to address the solid waste issue in the long run.

Project initiated in: 2015

Status: Ongoing