Monthly Archives: July 2016

Since 1950, a minimum of 4,200 elephants have perished in the wild as a direct result of the conflict between man and elephant in Sri Lanka. During the last 12 years, a total of 1,464 elephants were killed, along with 672 humans The suffering of poor farmers due to invading elephants is being highlighted practically […]

Shifting waste from one place to another is no solution; nor is burning it in the backyard. The moment waste is understood as resource, a multitude of solutions are already available to develop a waste free Sri Lanka The common understanding of “waste” is equivalent with garbage and thus with “an unusable or unwanted substance […]

Sri Lanka is blessed with plenty of rainforests that had contributed to regulating its climatic conditions over the years. Yet during the recent past, people with influential backgrounds have resorted to utilizing these natural resources for their personal benefits. A series of mini-hydro projects and hotels which were suspended due to various environmental and humanitarian […]

The first ever Mangrove Museum in the world, established in Pambala lagoon bank, Chilaw will be vested in the people by President Maithripala Sirisena today. Sudeesa Director General Dr. Gamini Kariyawasam said the museum will become a centre where the people will be educated to care for the mangroves and facilitate the local and foreign […]

Cinnamon Grand Colombo’s focus on sustainability now goes beyond products and service to art. The hotel’s new sustainable contemporary art collection ‘Symbiosis’ sees artists from the Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA) headed by Chinthaka and Poornima Thenuwara working in partnership to create the concepts for some interactive works of art. The hotel’s own engineering and […]

The solar industry is booming. There was 227 gigawatts of installed solar PV capacity in 2015 and this figure is expected to reach 4,500 by 2050 – a more than 1,800% increase. This staggering deployment means good things for the world’s climate, economy and society, but it will also result in a huge amount of […]

Sri Lanka and its people are feeling impacts of climate change. With changes in rain intensity, floods and with slow onset impacts of climate change such as droughts, as well as increased temperature levels, and impacts of scarcity of water, or losses due to too much water from floods, we feel the daily impacts of […]

Deforestation is an under-reported issue that is only occasionally mentioned in relation to climate change or globalisation. Nevertheless, South-East Asia has the highest rate of deforestation of any tropical region, ahead of even Latin America and Africa. If deforestation continues at this pace, it is predicted that 75 percent of South-East Asia’s forests and 42 […]

The Biodiversity Sri Lanka team along with our technical expert from the University of Colombo visited our member, The Rainforest Ecolodge over the weekend to discuss training programs for the in-house nature interpreters to boost citizen science initiatives within this pioneering eco-tourist destination in Sri Lanka.   Helpful Microsoft 70-347 Demos For Each Candidate rush […]

For the forestry sector in 2016, there’s a lot that feels new and a lot that feels normal.  The Paris climate agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) all take us into new territories.  But much remains as it was – deforestation and forest degradation are still major challenges and […]