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The focus of the article is to link conservation and access to water to support life and the economy, protecting forests and plants and implementing obligations pertaining to the Paris Climate agreement. “Climate change has emerged as a key concern for Sri Lanka and its people in the 21st Century. Sea level rise, warming temperatures, […]

Blue Resources Trust, a marine research organization dedicated to facilitate the sustainable use of marine resources, announces the formation of a MOU with Tokyo Cement Group to further their commitment to conservation. The organization, with extensive local and international research experience, anticipates this partnership to strengthen their work to promote science-based decision-making as the foundation […]

Sweden is already an environmental leader with its electric roads and plans to be 100% fossil fuel-freeby 2050, but they’re not stopping there. The trailblazing Scandinavian nation also recycles 99 percent of its waste, with only a measly 1 percent going to landfills. A process called waste-to-energygenerates sustainable electricity from the country’s garbage Of the […]

“The conch is also a gift from the ocean, as the sound of the ocean that it emits from within, our new identity also resonates with the Group’s care for the environment” ~ Vish Govindasamy – Group Managing Director Watawala Plantations PLC and the companies of the Sunshine Holdings Group have enriched the lives of many […]

  Mitigating the Human-Elephant Conflict and reducing the alarming rate at which elephants are currently being killed (about four per week) requires addressing various aspects of the problem simultaneously without resorting to stop gap, piece-meal solutions, asserts Srilal Miththapala. In an interview with Daily FT, the passionate wildlife enthusiast, untiring advocate of conservation of wild […]

CIC Holdings PLC for the first time in the world has developed a technology to scan weeds in large paddy fields using battery powered drones (planes) and spray chemicals to them using the drone. The company’s research and development team has used studies and research for the past 8 years to introduce this novel technology […]

<img src=”” style=”display:none” height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”” /> On the railway track last week in Chettikulam there was a horrible elephant tragedy which needs to be a trumpet call as to how serious Sri Lanka is in its commitment to protecting and promoting biodiversity — the world environmental theme for this year. On August 18, three […]

Forest fires across the central part of the country, aggravated by dry conditions, have left hundreds of acres of trees destroyed and brought suffering and death to wild animals. Firefighters continue to tackle a huge blaze in Ravana Ella, Badulla, with nearly 20 acres of land laid waste by fires spreading in the mountainous regions. […]

WNPS expresses deep concern The Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance No 2 of 1937 (as amended, hereinafter at times referred to as the FFPO) which governs the legal administration of the Protected Areas of Sri Lanka clearly states that there can be no development activity or clearing of the habitat within National Parks (Section 6). […]

Researchers studied 8,688 animal species on the IUCN Red List (Credit :Kandfoto/iStock) Recent analysis looked at threats to more than 8,600 species on IUCN Red List and found that agriculture alone negatively affects 5,407 threatened species including cheetahs Farming, hunting and climate change are among the most significant threats faced by more than 8,000 animal […]