Monthly Archives: September 2016

The Sri Lanka Business and Biodiversity (SL B&B) Platform, initially set up in 2012 as a program of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) was rebranded as Biodiversity Sri Lanka (BSL) in October 2015. The mission of BSL is to foster the engagement and strong leadership of the private sector through active learning, obtaining technical […]

In July this year the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUSL) created serious concern among the public when it was announced that Sri Lanka is now moving towards a major power crisis if appropriate action is not taken by 2018. The PUSL warning the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) had said that under drought conditions […]

Biodiversity Sri Lanka’s (BSL) first Annual General Meeting (AGM), annual Technical Session and CEO Forum will be held on Friday, September 30, 2016, at Ramada, Colombo. At these sessions, its Biodiversity Project Ranking Scheme will be unveiled. Through this scheme, it will become possible for corporate biodiversity projects to be ranked based on established criteria […]

African elephant population has contracted by around 111,000 in the past decade as a result of poaching, study finds (Elephant losses have been attributed to poaching, but African nations are at odds over how best to protect the animals. Photograph: PR) The number of African elephants dropped by about 111,000 in the past decade as […]

By Kumudini Hettiarachchi Conservation expert Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando says it is not the sole responsibility of DWC officers, appropriate stakeholders including the affected villagers have to play a role (Affected villagers demand redress to the issue) Co-existence is the one and only answer to the human-elephant conflict (HEC) and weaving this into the development plans […]

A new creature has been found in the Sinharaja rainforest, surprising experts who believed the well-researched forest had few secrets left. Hidden from sight high in the tree canopy is a new and vividly-coloured snake now revealed by veteran herpetologist Mendis Wickramasinghe in an article published this week in the prestigious science journal, Zootaxa. “The […]

More forest fires have left a trail of destruction over more than 1000 acres of forest, killing wild animals and birds and leaving long-term damage. The fires were reported from a number of areas including the Knuckles mountain range , Hambantota, Nuwara Eliya, Monaragala, Anuradhapura and Badulla, Disaster Management Centre (DMC) officials said. Environmentalists claim […]

The world’s biggest conference on the international wildlife trade got underway Saturday in Johannesburg, but African countries lashed out at Western charities for “dictating” how they should protect their elephants. Over the next 12 days thousands of conservationists and top government officials will thrash out international trade regulations aimed at protecting different species. A booming […]

The main event of the National Coastal and Marine Resources Conservation Week and Coastal Cleanup Programme organised by the Marin Environment Protection Authority and Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management was held in Galle under the patronage of Southern Province Chief Minister Shan Wijayalal de Silva on Friday. The programme initiated following the […]

Climate change is inevitable, but disaster and catastrophe are not Sadly Sri Lanka has not contributed greatly to the current situation but, as global citizens, we share the responsibility to ensure that Sri Lanka and indeed this world is left in a condition in which future generations can prosper By implementing them sooner than later, […]