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Professor Jan Zalasiewicz, from the University of Leicester’s Department of Geology, said: “We are realising that the Anthropocene is a phenomenon on a massive scale – it is the transformation of our planet by human impact, in ways that have no precedent in the 4.54 billion years of Earth history. Our paper explores how these […]

Cottage industries of Sri Lanka will need time to catch up with demand for shopping bags made of natural materials when the ban on polythene bags and polystyrene containers becomes effective in September despite protests by manufacturers. City garbage mostly consists of polythene. Pic by Sameera Weerasekera Households are also being encouraged to boycott polythene […]

Wildlife offcials suspect that the carcass of a female dugong found afloat in the northern seas off Mollikulam on Thursday July 27 with a new-born calf may have been drowned after being trapped in a fishing net. Dr Sevvandi Jayakody of the Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries of the Wayamba University, said that the female […]

Wildlife experts have not been able to adequately explain why a few elephants had been sighted in distress in the oceans closer to shore in the east and even in the deep seas. Some suspect they had been disoriented. Elephants are known to be able to negotiate lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Once again, this week, […]

The total number of people affected by the prevailing drought had increased over one million, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) census said today. The DMC said that eight provinces out of the nine, where people in 17 districts were hit by the drought. According to the DMC latest situation report 1, 093, 717 people belonging […]

Enthusiasts lounged on cozy sacs at the Good Market to listen to former Director General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation, Dr Sumith Pilapitiya, Otara Gunawardena of Otara Foundation & Embark and Shiranee Yasaratne of Biodiversity Sri Lanka who spoke on the topic ‘Journey to Yala – a responsible adventure’ organized by Saraii Village.   […]

Summary – In the summer of 2012, two undergraduate students tackled a problem that plant ecology experts had overlooked for 30 years. The students demonstrated that different plant species vary in how they take in carbon dioxide and emit water through the pores in their leaves. The data boosted the accuracy of mathematical models of […]

Thirty families from Dikarawa of Badulla have been temporarily evacuated from their homes. Deputy Director of the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), Pradeep Kodippili stated that the residents had been evacuated upon detection of the formation of cracks in the region. The evacuated populace has been temporarily resettled at the National Youth Corps Training Centre in […]

Naval personnel attached to the Northern Naval Command arrested 26 suspects engaged in illegal fishing activities without valid fishing passes, in the Manatkadu sea area, Point Pedro yesterday, Navy said. Sixteen (16) dinghies, 233 fishing nets and 2 GPS units were also taken into naval custody along with the suspects. The arrested persons and their […]

The findings of a study by Swansea and Cardiff University scientists highlights the need for boating activities along the UKs beautiful coastlines to be conducted in a more environmentally friendly manner. Seagrass meadows are an important marine habitat in support of our fisheries and commonly reside in shallow sheltered embayments typical of the locations that […]